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Expanded Access

StorerTV has led the way in building superior integration tools using industry-wide standards. Not only does SIMS integrate well with other vendors, but also with add-on systems that allow data to flow smoothly through the entire organization including programming, sales/traffic, media libraries and automation systems.

TrafficXpress CorporateXpress


TrafficXpress allows for a seamless integration between SIMS and most traffic systems. It enables programming and traffic to share scheduling data in real-time and eliminates the need to enter scheduling in two separate systems. TrafficXpress also enables analysis of programming costs, advertising revenue, and ratings to determine the ROI of scheduled programs.


CorporateXpress simplifies the management of program contracts and network scheduling for group owners. Multi-station group contracts only need to be entered once, allowing contract costs to be allocated and payments scheduled across multiple financial entities.

A variety of reporting options are available to generate roll-up financial reports, pulling data automatically from multiple remote databases.